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My Clients say, "They want it!"

They want to break-free of fitness fads, fakes, frauds, fear, failure & false promises. They want to be able to do more of what they love & live life their way… healthy & fit, active & energized, comfortable & confident, challenged & competitive. They want to feel safe, be respected, have fun, & get real results. They get it! For over 2 decades, I’ve “made it so” for people just like you. People like us train like this.

Donna O is on the grow...
Bodytrio is now Triogo

Donna, please keep me updated.

Donna Ognibene Founder & CEO Movement Master
Certified FAFS
NSCA Personal Trainer
Power Pilates Certified
PranaVayu Yoga Certified
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Welcome to Triogo

In the fall of 2018, fire destroyed my boutique training studio in the heart of Belmont, MA. While my physical-space was destroyed, my spirit was not defeated.

My passion, for my clients & what I do, burns even brighter having been refined in the flames. I've moved beyond the physical confines of some-place to the infinite & timeless possibilities of training in any-space.

While my brand-name has evolved from Bodytrio to Triogo the truly important stuff will never change... It will always be, "All about you and what you do!"

Other things will change …for the better of course! Expect expanded offerings, greater convenience, surprising experiences, endless discovery, new techniques & technology, greater value, & endless opportunities to learn & grow while bringing out the best in you!

I'm eager to introduce you to the ultimate upgrade in personal training experiences! Let's explore your possibilities.

Make it so!

Donna O.

We deserve an upgrade.
Been to the gym…
Got tweaked at the boutique…
Tried the trainers…

I’ve chosen to leave it all behind &
invite you to join me to journey
beyond Ordinary to Extraordinary

It’s open road ahead
Explore More.
Discover Other.
Bring it Home.

So now what? Triogo …Make it so!
It’s Now. Its Natural. It’s So-good!
I can’t wait to share it with you!

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About Triogo

  • Trio•go/ˈtrē/ō’/ɡō/

Triogo is a unique training and movement system developed by Elite Movement Master, Donna Ognibene. She brings a fresh & exciting alternative approach to traditional health, fitness, strength, conditioning & performance training.

Each session becomes an unexpected experience in the fusion of Pilates, Yoga, & Free-Style Fluid-Movement inspired by Athletic Artistic Aesthetic™ elements. Triogo is fueled by Donna’s signature blend of passion, innovation & individualization.

It’s always about you & what you do. It’s always respectful of where you are & what you want.

Think experience not exercise. Think energize not exhaustion. Feel the burn – not in your muscle, but in your soul.

Make it so!

Our Services

Let’s be direct... Triogo® does things differently. It’s a whole other-kind of personal training strategy & experience because our clients deserve better & expect more.. Triogo is highly-individualized, world-class, professional-grade training to optimize health, fitness, wellbeing, performance, & competition. It’s for any-body from young to old, novice to professional, & enabled to disabled. It’s not just a workout, it’s the ultimate training upgrade for those who choose better.

Triogo is all about doing better, feeling good, looking great, & being confident. Its aspirational, inspirational & sensational. It encompasses all aspects of human movement, fitness & performance with its trademarked Athletic Artistic Aesthetic™ training system.

Traditional training prioritizes flexibility, strength & cardio. Triogo prioritizes energy, adaptability, performance & resilience. You get more benefit, in less time, with less effort & greater safety. Do Triogo-Solo or Triogo-Plus your other training routines. Either way, you will feel the difference & love it. I promise!

Triogo...Make it so!

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    Free Sunday Classes

    One Bonus Streaming Class (live)

  • Theme-Videos: Hips & Hams, Core & More, Spine & Align (streaming videos, 20 min each)


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Personal Training

Competitive Training

Optimization and Performance
...Outcompete the competition

Custom training for athletes, teams, clubs, coaches, trainers & parents. Off-season, Preseason, In-season, Post-injury, Any sport. Anywhere.

Personal Training

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Company and Community
...Better by design

Try Triogo Improv …Warmups, workouts, workshops, team-building, mixers, crowd-pleasers, retreats & more…

Personal Training

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Instructor Certification – Whatever your specialty, upgrade your mastery, grow your business to the next level & beyond.

What clients are saying...

Star Rating
Personal Training

"Fantastic results!!!"

“Whether you are working with a specific injury or wanting to get in shape, Donna’s expert knowledge on how the body moves and is needed to ensure good balance and continued strength will deliver fantastic results!!!”

Deborah Lockett

Competitive Training

"She makes it work"

“Donna is the best physical therapist, mental therapist, and personal trainer you will ever have. Sessions are good for someone who has been involved in sports their entire life and for someone who has done very little physical activity. And somehow she makes it work for those varied people to be in the same class and for everyone to get a great workout.”

Carolyn Mehaffey

Instruction Certification

"Incredibly driven and intelligent"

“I have known Donna several years and have collaborated with her on several industry initiatives. She has a genuine and kind soul which is demonstrated by her passion for others. Incredibility driven and intelligent, in Triogo, she has developed a unique system that will impact your mind , body and soul. As a wise friend of ours says, “can’t mess with one without messin’ with the others!”

Hank Wright
Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Fellow Of Applied Science

Custom Events

"Her classes are transformative"

You just are not going to find a more motivating, experienced, and innovative total body fitness instructor and leader than Donna Ognibene. She is an absolute gem, and her classes are transformative.

Jo Shapiro
Surgeon and Educator

Bostonence The essence of every Triogo Experience Triogo 3 A's: Athletic Artistic Aesthetic

Triogo’s “secret sauce” is the blended essence of Athletic Artistic Aesthetic infused into every Triogo® experience & fine-tuned to bring out the best in each person… always. We call it Bostonence

Triogo 3 A's: Athletic Artistic Aesthetic

Donna's Blog

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Forged in the fires of passion
Shaped by the winds of change
Quenched with the waters of wisdom
Swept by the currents of discovery
Experienced in body, mind & soul

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